Monday, August 9, 2010

You Are What You Eat

I eat lots of fat and guess what I am? Okay, technically I am obese... but obese=LOTS of fat! So, the only thing to do is change my eating patterns and what I eat.

No more grazing.
Snacking is okay; small meals through the day are great; grazing all. day. long. Not Okay!

Eat healthier foods! 

Here is a typical day's worth of food for me last week {post "cut all fat lest I have a faux heart attack" month, ie. gallbladder attack}:
  • Breakfast - What's that? ... and if I did happen to eat one, it was cereal. Lots of carbs and sugars there.
  • Lunch - Sandwich, usually cheese.  Read carbs (again), fats (semi healthy fats in the cheese I guess), and oh yeah, carbs!  I love breads and cheese btw.
  • Dinner - Pasta, Chicken, Pizza... carbs and cheeses lol.
Here is what I have eaten so far today:
  • Breakfast - Cottage cheese and apricots
  • Lunch - Cheese and turkey sandwich and apple slices
  • Dinner - I'm fixing Chicken casserole
Still quite a few carbs, but not bread at every meal.

I had heard a suggestion on KLOVE one day.  A nutritionist was on the show and she suggested the apple rule.  She said that anytime you feel hungry and want to eat something you know you shouldn't, put it next to an apple (or a figurative apple).  If you would eat the apple instead, you are truly hungry.  If not, then you aren't hungry and you shouldn't eat that treat you're holding.  I thought, well can I use a different fruit?  I'm not a big apple person.  I like the taste of apples... but I have very sensitive gums so biting into an apple hurts.  Cutting it into slices takes so long that by the time I do it... I don't want the apple anymore.  I'm still hungry, but too tired to eat.  So I'm much more likely to grab a quick, unhealthy, snack instead of an apple.

Until now!  I found some sliced apples... at Sam's club!  Y'all, these pre sliced apples are cheaper than buying apples out right and slicing them yourself!  I was sooo excited!!!!  $3 buys me about 2 weeks worth of apples to munch on!  I am so excited!
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