Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weight Loss Prayer

Yesterday I complained about the heat, confessed that I turn to chocolate when I'm depressed, and recognized the vicious cycle it produces.  When it finally cooled down enough to take a walk, without worrying about heat exhaustion, I found a dandelion and made a wish.  I wished that I would lose all my weight this week (meaning the 5lbs I put on since my surgery, not my entire long term goal of course).  Not once did I think to ask God's help. 

I'm not even sure where it came from other than the Holy Spirit saying, "Hey, don't forget Us!"  I was standing in my kitchen, making a sandwich because my stomach was hurting with hunger.  {Which by the way is not a good place to be.  I really need to eat before I get that hungry.}  I reached into the cabinet for a glass and could feel the soreness in my arms from yesterday's swim.  Then suddenly it dawned on me... I was willing to complain, rationalize, reach out to you, my friends, and even wish on a dandelion... but I forgot to pray.  I forget sometimes, because of the church I grew up in, that God wants to hear about and help us with ALL our problems and praises.  He knows the number of hairs on my head.  What makes me think the number of pounds on my scale is any different?

So of course I sat down to make a new post.  First I want to apologize for my complaints.  Yes it is hot, and thank you so much for your suggestions to beat the heat, but I should have been thinking on the positive side and not complaining about being stuck indoors.  God sure showed me... I would bet it's about 65* right now with storms on the way.  It's like He said "It's too hot out?  Okay, I cooled it down.  Now get out there and exercise.  I took away your excuse."  Secondly I wanted to share with you, in case you had forgotten like I did, that we should be praying and meditating about our weight loss.  My Monday Motivation meme talks about being physically, mentally, emotionally, AND spiritually fit.  I truly believe you must have all those in line to really feel healthy.  And finally, as per my usual... I did a google search.  Lookie what a found!

WebMD has a video about First Place, a program designed to help people lose weight through exercise, diet, accountability, and prayer.  I was a bit surprised to see such a well known health website citing prayer.

Although I am not a Catholic, and do not agree with everything on this second website I found, they have some really great information such as:
  • A BMI calculator {they have a disclaimer because it is a little off for height/weight}
  • There are psychological factors that count into being obese like anger, body armor (such as against sexual assault - I struggle with that excuse a lot), deadened emotional awareness, deprivation, and reward.
  • Some good eating habits like using whole grains, eating vegetables, and avoiding fried foods
  • Giving proper blessing for our food - it causes us to slow down and eat thoughtfully, not just graze all day long
I also found this prayer.  I think it says it all.  It can also easily be altered to fit a certain situation.

A Prayer For Weight Loss By Lynn
Father God, I come to you in the precious name of Jesus that you will perform a miraculous healing in my life concerning my desire to lose weight. Thank you Lord that nothing is impossible with you and that you can help take away my desire to overeat and fill the voids within me that cause me to seek food as a substitute.
Lord, touch my mind right now, help me to see what causes me to overeat, give me a strong desire to want to take care of my body and see it as you do Lord. Help me to make the right food choices and touch my mind with creativity concerning food and what I eat. May I be restored to divine health again.
As I strive to do this Lord, please bless all within me - my cells, and my metabolism - that they will function properly so I can lose the weight. And let me take it one day at a time and not worry about anything else but the cares of the day that I woke up to.
Thank you Father for loving me enough to help me through this.

I hope this helps someone struggling out there to get a hold on their weight loss.  If nothing else, this post will serve as a reminder for me to turn to God and not feel as though I am "bugging" Him.  I am going to post it on my sidebar so it can be a constant reminder.  Let's face it, being fat may seem trivial... but it can lead to deadly disease.  God wants our lives to be full and fruitful and that can't happen if we are ill.

Lord God, please help me to eat healthily and thoughtfully.  Help me to find ways every day to get healthy exercise.  Lord, keep we well and remind me to stretch before and after every work out so I am not too sore to move around every day.  Help me to remember that you care just as much about the numbers on my scale as the hairs on my head.  God, please be with me and keep me vigilant to continue losing weight.  {All the pregnant women and new babies around are a good touch there God. lol}  Give me the strength and motivation to get back to a healthier me.  Help my body to heal.  And Lord, please be with my friends, Lana, Jenn, Jamie, Jen, Laura, Vanessamae, Stephanie, Kayleigh, Mindy, Nikki, Briana, Donda, and Kris as they strive to be healthier too.  Amen.

P.S. I just got done telling y'all that I was praying for you... and I kinda felt a little funny doing so since I have no idea if any of you believe in God. So, in case you don't, please know I did not mean to offend anyone or push my beliefs on you. :0) I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and praying for your safe journey to a healthy new you in the only way I know how.
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