Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fiber, Oh My!

I was grocery shopping at Sam's last night to re-stock my fridge and pantry with healthy foods.  While I was staring at the protein drinks and meal replacements confused as all hell, singling out those without peanuts, I noticed a bag of Flax Seed.  I thought, well okay dokey then.  I could definitely use more fiber in my diet and I don't get enough omega 3s out of the little bit of fish I eat a month.  I can easily add those things into anything I eat, drink, or bake?  Well, sounds easy enough.

And it was!  Did you know you can use flax seed instead of eggs or butter/oil when baking?  Well, you can!  I made some pancakes using the flax seed instead of eggs and they taste just the same.  I'll be posting that recipe soon.  It involves some math to figure out the nutritional value and that is definitely not my strong point.

So there I was making, oh 34 pancakes, and munching on a few for lunch.  I ate 2 flax seed pancakes and they were yummy!  Now, just how fast does fiber work?  Well, about 10 minutes later, half way through my 3rd batch, oh! I gotta go!  I was surprised... but to be fair, the bag did warn me to start slowly.  Seeing as how the only real fiber I get is celery stalks, those pancakes regulated me quick fast and in a hurry! I'll let you know how it affects my weight loss at the end of the week.
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