Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One Day At A Time - Depression Blog

Hello encouragers!  {Is there a proper plural for encourager? Apparently "encouragers" is not a word.} Since there has been intermittent talk about my depression on here {It is very intermingled with my weight after all} I thought I would give those who don't know already the address to my blog specifically about depression.  You can find it here:

And also for those who didn't know, since I don't think I mentioned it here before... I have like 10 other blogs. lol  They are each about a different aspect of my life.  It seems like a lot, but it helps me to keep things separated in my mind and not have 20 posts a day... okay maybe not that many... but I'd spam my e-mail subscribers and that's not cool.  Plus.. I really like blog design.  This way I don't change my design on one blog 10 times a week!  Maybe I should start a blog design blog.... lol j/k... maybe...

Here is a list and a brief description for each.  My main blog has a blog roll for them all in case you want to keep up with my life that way... not sure if anyone is that interested, but if you are a military wife, Christian or crafter you might wanna check them out. {And to those who already knew... there is one on the list I know you've never seen.  How? Well I've never shared it... until now!}

Counting Our Blessings - My main blog.  It's mostly memes and photos of the baby.  I participate in Motivation Monday (of course) and Pink Saturday the most.  You can also link to all my sub blogs from this one.

The Crafty Hippo - Well, I am the hippo and I craft.  I haven't crafted lately... but with some encouragement I might find the time to do it. lol  I have entered in several competitions.  I haven't won, but entering was a huge accomplishment for me!  *proud chest puff up*

Welcome to the Army Ma'am {Possibly changing to Dandelion on the Wind soon} - All about being an Army wife.  We've been in nearly two years now and have spent about 10 months together.  Its rough, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  I am more proud of my husband than any person in the entire world.  He is my hero!

God's Proverbs 31 Princess - Here is where I think on God, religion, and my own spirituality.  I am not your "stereotypical" Christian.  I believe that God wrote the Bible as more of a guidebook than hard and fast laws.  You can read about my views there.  Oh, and I talk about sex a lot on that blog because I am struggling to find that intimacy in my marriage that God gives.

Musings of a Classic Housewife - I talk about my life as a stay at home wife and mother.  My idol is June Cleaver and the 1950's housewife.  It's a chronicle of my striving to be like them.

Size of an Orange - {It is "adult" for honest talk of cancer and death and a few cuss words.}  This was my very first blog.  I began it after I found out I had a tumor on my ovary a few days before my birthday.  The posts that are there now are 100% true life story.  Eventually the posts will be a true fiction.  I did actually have these nightmares but the posts to come did not actually happen to me in real life.
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