Monday, August 9, 2010

Seeing Myself Through His Eyes

Hi!  I'm Jeannette.  This is me:

My husband sees me more like this though:
To him, I'm a sexy housewife.  Juggling being a mom and a lady, with grace.  Chasing a baby and puppy around the house while wearing heels and sexy lingerie.
{Which I don't do... but maybe I should, well maybe not the heels... I don't want a twisted ankle.}

He sees these and sees sexy:

I can kinda see where he's coming from...
But he sees these and sees sexy too:
He sees a woman with curves who carried and birthed his son.  He sees a smile that lights up his day.  He sees the hands that wash dishes and also stroke his aching shoulders and back after a long day at work.  He sees the beautiful breasts and hips of a sexy woman.  He sees the strong thighs of a woman who bends down to clean and care for his son.

Why can't I?
From now on, I am going to talk, walk and flirt with my husband as though I was 150lbs and see what happens.  When I was 150lbs I wouldn't have thought twice about jumping on my hubby and showering him with kisses.  When I was 150lbs I would have initiated sex with my husband, flirted with danger, strutted my stuff for strangers so my hubby could think, "That's MY wife!" and be proud to call my sexy self his.  I know he thinks that now, but I need to think it too.
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