Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Embracing Who I Am

The Mommyologist has challenged us all to find those things about ourselves that we love.  Here is my vlog.  DH was kind enough to tape it for me.  I hope you enjoy it!

{Edit} My video won't load... I'll update this post as soon as possible.
Well... since I can't get my vlog to post, I'll post pictures for now.
 {Yes, my ring is on my middle finger...I lost too much weight! *teehee*}
{Yep, those are the girls!  I love this pic of them.}

{I'm wearing a lacy bra and silk undies.  Lots of cleavage and my entire torso showing.}

What I love about my body:
  • My eyebrows (when they're waxed lol)
  • My eyes - they change colors
  • My breasts - since my reduction they have stopped hurting my back and I think they are great
  • My hips - wide hips = easier birth and larger surface to carry LB on
  • My feet!  They are my favorite!  I love my feet.  They let me chase after my son, run from my husband *giggle*, and dance at the kitchen sink.  The high arches make me feel like this!
 Click on over to the Mommyologist's Embrace Your Body post to see all the other amazing women and to link up your own post.   You don't have to do a vlog, just tell us what you appreciate about your body.

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