Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Non-Scale Goals for 2011

Here are my Non-Scale Goals (NSG) for 2011. They are essentially any goal I have for my body that has nothing to do with weight, body fat or body mass index.
  • Use a regular sized blood pressure cuff at the doctor's office (they use one sometimes, but not all the time) {Check}
  • Fit in to a junior's size 12 jeans (I was a size 6-8 in HS)
  • Fit in to my original wedding dress (I had to buy a larger one for my wedding and never got to wear my original one; it's about size 12)
  • Be able to ride cowgirl until DH is finished (I had to throw that one in there... this is why family does not know I blog lol)
  • Be able to turn men's heads again like I used to in college
  • Think I look sexy in a piece of lingerie (and not only when I am standing "just so")
  • Look good wearing this Rainbow Brite costume for Halloween
  • Be able to do an exercise video or the Wii for 30 minutes straight
  • Weigh less than DH!  (He is about 185-190)
  • Not feel tired all day long
  • Ride my bike to the gym when the weather permits (about 2 miles)
  • Paint my own toenails without feeling like I can't breathe (my fat squishes my diaphragm)
More to come soon.  I'll add a link on my sidebar so you can check back and see what new goals I have set for myself! I'll also try to remember to insert that link into a Monday Motivation post when I update it so you can go check it out.  What are some of your NSGs for this year?
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