Sunday, August 8, 2010

Make Me Smile!

I'm in desperate need for some "lol" right now.  I have updated my ticker and sidebar info to show my current weight.  I am 220lbs today and the heaviest I have been since April.  This is also the weight I was when I got pregnant, so in a way, it feels like I'm back to square one even though I am counting my weight loss from 235 {my post pregnancy and post water weight weigh in}.  I am still proud of myself for losing those 20lbs but gaining back 5lbs is still pretty depressing.  I need some cheering up.  I need to look in that mirror and laugh at the sad woman staring back at me until she begins laughing too.  I know this is all from the low fat diet and surgery.  I know it's just bounce back from going back to my "normal" diet.  But it hurts all the same.  DH is so caring and loving, convincing me that it is okay and to keep on the track... I kinda did eat a chocolate bar for breakfast.  It was dark chocolate and I meant to eat it last night but it got too late... so I had it today, when I woke up.... at 11am.  Hey!  It's my anniversary... don't I get to celebrate?  Plus, it's our second anniversary, BUT the first one we have spent together.  The Army took him away for our very first anniversary... jerks...

Anyways... on to the smiles!  I hope they help.

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