Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finding Motivation

Cheryl, from One Cheap Canadian Mom, wrote an amazing post yesterday about that elusive thing called motivation.  She brings up a whole lot of interesting thoughts to ponder.  Hurry, click on over, take 5 minutes (or less if you read faster than I do, which you likely do) to read what she said, and then come back here for some discussion.  I will wait...

*twiddles thumbs*  I really need to cut my finger nails... and the baby's finger nails.  I have scratches all over my breasts and arms from his claws... Oooo something shiny!

Oh hi!  You're back.  Brilliant right?  I told you!  Now... if Action = Motivation (and no cheating... go read her blog post! This is only one of the interesting points she makes)... then I wonder, where do we get that umpf to begin that first bit of action.  How do we go from couch to movement to motivation?  And what do we do about those times when we slow down (or life gets too busy) and we have to start all over again?  And on that point, when do we get to tell life to HALT so we can have us time?  But... that is a totally different post (coming soon to a blog reader near you!)

You know what?  I have no idea... hence... the discussion by y'all!  What are your ideas?  Here, I'll get you started with what I am thinking:
  • Move in unexpected ways like playing with the kids or taking the dog for a walk... do it a little longer than you normally would.
  • Work out when you are comfortable doing so whether it is in the morning, evening, or middle of the night (just make sure you get enough sleep!)
  • Do little bits of activity all day long instead of trying to force in a 30 minute block.
  • Do nice things for yourself to recharge, relax, and heal.  Take a bath, get a massage, make sure your body can keep up with the work outs and not become injured.
  • Don't wear yourself out in one day, do a little each day to keep the momentum going.
What are your thoughts on keeping motivated?  What works for you? 

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