Monday, August 9, 2010

Embrace Your Body Week

The Mommyologist is hosting an awesome prompt this week!  "Embrace Your Body Week" has begun!  Get out your cameras or tape a vlog.  Tell yourself, and all her amazingly supportive readers, why you embrace your body.  There are plenty of things that we all dislike about ourselves, but let's all just take this week {and the rest of our lives} to appreciate what our body does give us.  Tell us what you love about your body and maybe find some positives about the parts you don't love.  For example... I am not the biggest fan of my giant hips right now, but they did hold and bear my precious son.  So yea for wide hips and less painful childbirth!  What are you loving about your body this week?

{My post is coming soon.  I wanted to put this out there so all my readers could have the chance to link up and spread the word!  I'd love to see the Win, Lose or Blog contestants do this one now that they are ending their amazing journey!...and beginning their next one too.  I think it would be awesome to see how your attitudes about yourself have changed in just these last couple of months.  The linky will be open until Friday, August 13th so get writing ladies!}
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