Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Motivation for this Blog

Plus Sized Bloggers wants to know why we started our weight loss journey and blogs.  Many people have called me brave for posting it all out there (especially pics of me in my undies) for the blogosphere to see... but really, I'd be more embarrassed by half naked pics if I were fit.  I guess I figure no one really wants to see me in my undies (besides my hubby of course) so why not?   Now that I have readers whom I encourage and inspire, this blog has become even more important to me.  I feel the need to help you in your journey as you are helping me in mine, and trust me, you are!

So, these are my reasons for wanting to lose weight:
  • To be Healthy!
  • To have a healthy pregnancy when baby #2 comes
  • To be sexy for myself and my husband
  • To be confident in who I am and with my body
  • To love myself so I can allow others to love me

And these are my reasons for making a blog dedicated to it:

  • First and foremost, Accountability, to myself and now to my readers
  • Friendship, I think that is why we all blog in a way
  • Encouragement, I thrive off it and it literally keeps me going day to day
  • Encouraging Others, it is important to me to give back to my readers
  • Honesty, I need to be honest about this weight loss thing or it will slip by me
  • Keeping Tract, in the same way as honesty, I need a way to keep up with my journey so I don't find myself 20lbs heavier, sitting on the couch thinking.. what happened?

What are your reasons?
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