Saturday, February 12, 2011

Goal Celebrations

I'm in a rut.  I'm slipping deeper and deeper into a depression and I need to cling hold of something solid before I fall too far.  I've decided it's time to celebrate!  I need to get excited about my progress and have something to look forward to and work towards.  So here are my goals with corresponding celebrations.  I'll be posting them on my sidebar before too long as a constant reminder.

Starting Weight - 270 lbs
Goal Weights --- Celebration

GOAL REACHED! 250 lbs --- New hair do. (I'm thinking a perm)
GOAL REACHED! 220 lbs --- Get my hair done/ scalp massage.
199 lbs --- Onederland Tea Party at my place to celebrate with my friends.
180 lbs --- Try for baby number 2!!!
(Interlude: Enjoy the baby bump, loose the minimal amount of baby weight I put on... teehee, and then)
170 lbs --- Date night out with the hubby.  Celebrate, reconnect, and relax!
160 lbs --- Buy all new lingerie. Get re-fitted for my new, smaller, bras!
Final Goal 145 lbs --- Buy all new wardrobe!!!  (That is if I'm not preggers at the time...)
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