Thursday, July 1, 2010

Friday Fun!

It's time for Friday Fun!  Please hop on over to my dear host(esse)s' blogs and give them some love!
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If you are new here, Welcome!  I am Jeannette.

Here at A Hippo With A Headband you will find a chronicle of my journey to a healthier me.  At my heaviest, while pregnant I was 270lbs and suffered from gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.  I had been losing weight slowly before I became pregnant, but now I know what lays ahead of me if I don't step up my game!  I am seeking to be healthy for myself, my husband, and our children {we plan to have a couple more one day :0P}.

Under my header you can see my weekly weight loss progress.  If you look at my sidebar, you can find my inspirations and a scrolling marque of my weight loss in photos.  In the footer is a chart showing my progress overtime {running data from the ticker above}.

Here are some posts to get you started:
My Stats and Goals {The First Post}
My Weight In Pictures
Some Nice Improvements

If you are an old friend, welcome back love!  I am so glad to see you again.  Are you ready to jazzersize?  Or you know... whatever.  Just get movin'!  Maybe zumba, yoga, carry a 19lb baby around?  Anything to get that blood pumpin' and your body sweatin'!

Now put on those headbands and let's get started!

PS:  I'm having a party soon to commemorate being under 200lbs!   It will likely be in August and I'll be hosting giveaways during it.  Feel free to grab my party button and help me spread the news.

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