Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Another Reason...

to lose weight.

My liver enzymes are high.  It was expected for them to be high before my gallbladder was removed, but not after.  Two of my three elevated enzymes were back to normal, but that odd ball out is causing my doctor concern.  He has ordered a Hepatitis panel to rule those out.  Did you know you can get Hep. from a restaurant if someone served you food without washing their hands?  I knew that before but had forgotten.  Anywho, they are going to test me for all three and the results will be back in 2 weeks.  Until then I wait... a little nervously.

The reason for losing more weight comes in if those tests are negative.  The most common reason for mild to moderate ATL enzymes is "fatty liver".  Fatty liver is most commonly brought on by excessive alcohol use.  Since I have only had 10 drinks in my whole life (not counting sips of wine at Christmas when I was younger)... it has to be caused by one of the other two reasons: Diabetes and Obesity.  I do not have diabetes so that only leaves my fat patooty!

The Dr asked if I was losing weight and I said "Well yes, but that's my fault."  He said good and asked how much I began at.  I told him I was 270 when I had the baby, 235 when I began counting my fat lost, and just weighed in at 212 on Saturday.  He was pleased.  He also gave me some good news.

I am cleared for mild work out!  I can't bike yet because a fall would be dangerous until 4 weeks out.  I also can't do any ab work so no Ab Lounge.... but I can get on my elliptical!  Woot woot!  Time to start easing back into a routine.  It's gonna be hard to remind myself to take it easy.  I tend to want to work out until I almost pass out because it's rare that I get the feeling and energy to work out at the same time.  I have to time myself to make sure I don't injure myself though.  I think 15 mins a day is a good start.  Time to get movin' and lose those last 13 lbs! 

Celebration party here we come!
Thank you all who are posting my button!  I am so honored and grateful for your support!
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