Friday, July 16, 2010

They're Here!

All of my workout videos have arrived! I ordered 7, although there is one I can't use until I actually lose the weight because it is high impact. That leaves 6 for now, and a day of rest. They are all unpacked, unwrapped and ready to go. Now if I can actually put them in and do them. Let's see... I'll need time and motivation. Those aren't easy to come by... but the scale went up another pound last night so darn it... I have to find them! Tomorrow morning is a weigh in and I am thinking I'm gonna cry. Anyone have a hanky just in case? I actually just bought a vintage one a couple weeks ago. I should have it on hand just in case. As of last night I was almost 220, today I was 218. I am hoping that an early morning weigh in will at least not show a gain. I am not anticipating a loss though. OH and I bought a new work out machine too! It was $20 and is really fun. It's sorta btw a rower and bicycle... I'll take pics of it once we lug it up the stairs and into the house. It's in the garage right now. The sucker is heavy but at least it folds down flat and has wheels. Not that wheels will help with the stairs.

You know what? I'm gonna go lug that thing upstairs right now. Consider it my last chance workout. Which btw is one of the videos I bought. I'll be doing it on Thursdays so I can see the effects of it by Saturday morning. I also have a yoga one for a semi rest day. It is a weight loss yoga though, so it won't be all easy peasy.
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