Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday To Do List

Tomorrow I am doing three things:

  • Laundry, because it's one of two days a week we get to do it.
  • Throwing out all the unnecessary sweets in my kitchen and pantry.  I am keeping my Milanos and dark chocolate but the hot cocoa, that we really never drink anyways, is going in the trash!  I didn't even buy it for myself so I have no idea why I left it sitting around so long.  I had some tonight and 1) it wasn't really that great and 2) it made my heart race which isn't good for my health and honestly freaks me out because of my anxiety.
  • Soaking my feet in a foot bath while Little Bit naps and cutting my nails.  DH said he would paint them for me months ago but I never got them prepared for him.  It is time I did something nice for myself {before I break my toenail off like I almost just did... I bent it back by accident, of course, and it HURT!}
I'll take photos for accountability!  See y'all tomorrow.  OH and tomorrow is Motivation Monday... my goodness!  I need to post that tonight!  So glad I remembered before going to bed.  I think I'll post date this one so I can get my meme up first.  Anywhodle.  I hope y'all have a very sweaty Monday!  LOL how's that for a good health wish!  I should clarify... sweating from workout... not from heat exhaustion.  Drink that water ladies!  (And gentlemen, if any are reading, I suppose... none have spoken up in comments so I am assuming the members of my audience are all ladies.)
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