Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is My BC Making Me Fat?

... and which is worse?  Getting pregnant now or staying obese?

The Pros of stopping my NuvaRing:
  • I'll likely be able to lose weight easier
  • I won't be as emotional
  • I might not be as depressed as I am right now
  • My sex drive might come back
The Cons:
  • If I get pregnant now, DH will likely be here for the birth, but he'll miss the first year/ year and half of that baby's life to a deployment
  • I'll have to suffer through PPD, adjusting to a newborn, and dealing with a toddler alone
  • We are over 3,000 miles away from family and friends and it costs $2,000 to see them
I was thinking I might be able to change my BC to a non-hormonal IUD but given my allergies, I don't know that my Dr will do the copper insert for me.  Mirena has a low dose, but so does the Nuva Ring.  I'll have to ask at my next appointment.  I won't take Depo Provera again; the patch gave me horrible panic attacks; and I know myself... I won't take a daily pill.  What have y'all experienced with birth control?
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