Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yoga Kicked My *beep*!!!

O M G!  Okay, I think I prefer yesterday's cardio to today's weight loss yoga.  Something about constantly moving, yes sweating EVERYWHERE, but moving nonetheless was so much easier than... get in an awkward pose that makes every muscle in your body twitch and HOLD!  I want Jillian!!!  Bob whooped my *beep* today!

Okay, it wasn't that bad... but it was definitely hard.  Plus, my arms were all jello from yesterday's workout...which for some reason I decided I needed to use wrist weights for.  Bad idea for your very first workout in, oh 8 YEARS!  Anywho... I have two videos down and I think next time I use them it won't be so bad.  During the videos it's so rough because it feels like it's never going to end.  Then afterward I am all like "Wow, that wasn't too bad..."  Next week I'll know which poses are toward the end and I won't be freaking out that I can't go another minute in plank.

Oh and my shower today?  ICE COLD AGAIN!  For some reason, we have water pressure now but it is either scalding hot or ice cold.  I mean, hurts your hands ice cold.  So I was constantly switching one way and the other to keep the two mixing in the pipes as not to damage my skin.  It was annoying, but I needed a shower...bad!  Alright, off to the store and Dr's office.  Today is the big day to find out if LB is going to be okay with his apparent laziness to put his legs down while upright.  Personally, DH and I think he is hurting from growing so fast (DH went through the same thing) and he doesn't want to put so much weight on his hips.

As for the store?  I'm gonna suck it up and spend the $150 on a nice tempur mattress cover at Sam's.  I have coils in my ribs at night and I just can't get any sleep.  I don't know what my deal is... I have every intention of buying it until I see that price tag; then I shy away.  I don't feel bad dropping $100 in JoAnns... I guess it's because it is something nice for myself.  It seems wasteful... but I deserve a good night's rest.  DH and LB will benefit from my getting a good night's sleep too so I shouldn't feel bad splurging on a nice mattress pad.
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