Saturday, July 10, 2010

A bit of a rant...

My butterfly is migrating back to New England this summer! {Translation: My ticker is going backward...} It moved backward almost another pound this week. I went from 214 to 216 to 216.8. I am so upset with myself. I knew I would gain a little because I am eating normally again and I was bedridden for 2 weeks after my surgery... but that doesn't make it any easier to see. I kicked my scale today... after standing on it 5 times to make sure it was right.
I'm just so disappointed with myself. I haven't worked out at all, including my walk to run challenge, for two days. I've eaten four brownies though. Ugh. It has been so freakin' hot out that I just lay around the house sweating! Now... before you Southerns start getting your feathers ruffled about me complaining of heat in Alaska, let me say a few things:
  • I am from Texas, West Texas to be exact.  I am used to 115* heat, dry heat.  And yes... I am still hot up here.
  • I live in interior Alaska which means it gets to -60* in the winter {which thickens a person's blood} and up in the 90's in the summer.
  • It is humid heat up here, much like I had while I lived in Houston, Texas.
  • The sun is physically closer to the Earth up here and we have up to 23 hours of daylight.  That means it doesn't cool off at night.  It just stays 90* all day and night long.
  • We DON'T have AC!  NO ONE does.  And... I live upstairs, so... we all sit in a 100* house with the windows wide open hoping a breeze will come through.
You'd think I'd sweat some weight off.  *sigh*  All I want to do is sit as still as possible in front of the only fan that hasn't burned out from having it running 24/7 {which btw only blows hot air} and eat ice cream!  I don't get to do that though.  As you can see from my daily plate posts... I have the little one to carry around, laundry and dishes to do,  dinner to cook, and a wiggly, slippery baby to bathe at the end of the day.

I got dehydrated yesterday and went to bed unable to move but uncontrollably shaking.  It was not cool!  So today I am drinking plenty of fluids.  And I think I've decided not to post my daily plate everyday.  It is a bit spammy and I don't want it to be my only type of post on here.  I am liable to fall into that crutch if I'm not careful.  Hey, I know... maybe the hubby and I could go introduce Little Bit to water.  There is an indoor pool on post so we don't have to worry about sun burn.  I just hope it isn't heated in the summer...

How about you?  Any suggestions on how to cool down without packing on the pounds {ie eating ice cream lol}?
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