Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Bash!

Blog Bash

Welcome!  I am Jeannette, the hippo with a headband.

Here at A Hippo With A Headband you will find a chronicle of my journey to a healthier me.  At my heaviest, while pregnant I was 270lbs and suffered from gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.  I had been losing weight slowly before I became pregnant, but now I know what lays ahead of me if I don't step up my game!  I am seeking to be healthy for myself, my husband, and our children {we plan to have a couple more one day :0P}.

Under my header you can see my weekly weight loss progress.  If you look at my sidebar, you can find my inspirations and a scrolling marque of my weight loss in photos.  In the footer is a chart showing my progress overtime {running data from the ticker above}.

Here are some posts to get you started:
My Stats and Goals {The First Post}
My Weight In Pictures
Some Nice Improvements

I also host two memes. I would LOVE if you join us!
Motivation Monday for Motivation on any project, for me it's getting healthy

Friday Party Hop for Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook {any social site really}

And finally, but definitely not least... when I get under 200 lbs (probably in August) I will be hosting a party with giveaways!

1.) Why do you blog?
Mostly to connect to other people.  Being a WAHM in interior Alaska doesn't leave much chance for adult interaction.  I absolutely cherish the friendships I have made through blogging.
2.) What do you blog about?
My main blog is about family, my crafting blog about well, crafts, and this one?  This blog is all about losing weight and getting healthy!  I have several other blogs about getting emotionally healthy, and being a housewife, army wife, and daughter of God.3.) What do you find to be the biggest reward you get from blogging?
Comments? lol and the friendships that fostered from them.
4.) How long have you been blogging?
Let's see, about 6 months now?  I started my very first blog nearly 6 years ago but quickly stopped writing.  I started back up after my son was born in December to keep family updated.  As it were, I didn't tell my family about the site and began writing to the anonymous blogosphere.  I am so glad that I did too.  It's been an especially healing process on my One Day at a Time blog.
5.) Let's hear the story behind your blog title! :) 
A Hippo with a Headband.  Well, it's quite simple.  I love hippos and I am here to lose weight.  And doesn't that just bring the cutest mental image to mind?!  As a special treat... I took some photos tonight of the "Hippo" with a headband, me! Enjoy!

Yes, I'm wearing heels and lipstick.  Every classic housewife knows her hubby could drop in at any time. lol
No, I don't really work out like that!
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