Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly Fitness Videos

You may have noticed a change on my sidebar.  The Walk to Run Challenge has been replaced with Weekly Fitness Videos.  As per my Dr.s orders, I can no longer do anything high impact, such as running.  It also rules out 30 Day Shred unfortunately.  I can do that video once I get under 180lbs though.  But for now, all low impact for me.  So, everyday, every week, I will be going through the following videos:

Sunday - Tracey Mallett's 6 Minute Quick Blast Method - Total Body Fat Burner
Monday - The Biggest Loser Workout - Cardio Max
Tuesday - The Biggest Loser Workout, Vol. 1
Wednesday - The Biggest Loser Workout - Weight Loss Yoga
Thursday - The Biggest Loser Workout - Last Chance Workout
Friday - Jillian Michaels' - Shape Up Back Side
Saturday - The Biggest Loser Workout - Power Sculpt
I fully expect to skip and/or miss a couple of these for the first couple of weeks but over time I hope to get in a solid routine of daily exercise.  I figure since I am "stuck" at home all day, I might as well put in a workout video and get moving.  My amazingly supportive Hubby, adorable little son, and my motivation needing self will still be going on nightly walks, time and weather permitting.  Now that I am over a month post-op, I plan on using my Ab Lounge and Power Rider throughout the week as well.  I don't know how often I will use my elliptical since it is pretty hard for me right now, but I imagine as I get into this routine of movement it will become easier and easier for me.

I plan on starting this Sunday.  I might begin earlier if my dizziness fades, but beginning a workout routine, home alone (I doubt LB or Shadowbutt can dial 911), while dizzy is not the best of ideas....  I am feeling better today, but still a little dizzy now and then.  We remove my BC tonight so we'll see if my period comes.  If so, that rules out an ear infection (but not all inner ear problems I am reading), high blood pressure, and pregnancy.  I will certainly keep y'all updated!  Thank you for all your kind comments and suggestions.  I'll let you know what the Dr.s say.

Wish me luck!
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