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Motivation Monday - July 12

Motivation Monday
brought to you by Me!

Welcome to Motivation Monday!  I will be chronicling my journey back to a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  Each week I will discuss how the previous week was and set some goals for the next week.  I will also be listing my progress.  If you would like to see past progress you can look in my archives for other Motivation Monday posts.  If you would like to get motivated with me please link up your post using the link form below.  Your post can be in any format you want.  Whether you are trying to get healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or if you just have a task you need some motivation to complete...please link up so we can help support each other.  I would love to hear about your progress and help keep you motivated!

My Week
My Dr. put an end to my Walk to Run program... however, I will just be replacing "run" with "walk as fast as I can".  She said as long as I keep it low impact, ie walking or elliptical, it is safe for me to do.   She is concerned about my joints, especially my knees.  She said if I don't need to run, I shouldn't.  Since I am not a soldier... then I don't need to.  I did go swimming on Saturday though.  It was blistering hot and I was fairly disgusted with my weigh in.  I felt better afterward.  I am a little sore today, but swimming doesn't usually leave me too sore anyways so that is good.  This week I plan on walking everyday.  I am also hoping my workout DVDs arrive soon so I can get started on them.

My Progress
I am pretty depressed about my numbers.  They are all in the red this week.  I have gained 5lbs since my surgery.  Like I said, I knew I'd gain... but I didn't think it would be 5lbs.  Oi!  It's alright though... I swam for 30 mins, walked for 15 mins, then walked for another 30mins today and of course I've been carrying my 21lb Little Bit around everywhere this week.  I am hoping to see a change for the better.  I can't lie... I have been weighing myself daily (several times a day) since Saturday.  *very sad face*  I have evened out at about 216 today so that is good... but still several pounds over my lowest so far.  I'll get there.  I know I will.   You know... I was just entering my numbers and really... they are only in the red by less than 1 (lb, %).  That isn't really that bad I guess.
In case you haven't heard yet, as soon as I get under 200 lbs I'll be throwing a party in celebration!  I'm even rounding up some giveaways to make a huge bash out of it.  Here is the button in case you want to help spread the word.  You can see the whole post here.

My Numbers {From Last Saturday's Weigh In}
{Green is Improvement, Red is Bad, Mmkay?, Blue is Stayed the Same}
Weight - 216.8
BMI % - 51.4
Water % - 36.5
Muscle Mass % - 33.5

How did you do this week?
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