Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm Dying!

I have no idea how I am going to do this Walk to Run thing! I just did my week 1, day 2 exercise: Walk 5 mins, Run 1 min, Walk 5 mins, Run 1 min, Walk 5 mins. AND. I'm. Dying!

Okay, maybe not dying... but wow... I am so tired and out of breath. My body was just jiggling bouncing flopping all around during the run part! I seriously feel like a running hippo right about now... wobbling to and fro...  {Laura's run has nothin' on mine! lol}
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{Minus the top hat of course. I wear a white bonnet with blue ribbons.}
Okay, so maybe that is a good thing since it means I have loose fat and skin... but STILL! Sometimes I think I looked better when I was fat. Now I'm all flabby and my skin and extra belly fat just waves in the wind. Eww!

But... it wasn't healthy. I'm still not healthy, but I am healthier than I was a month ago. I'll be healthier still next month. Tomorrow is a 15 minute walk. Wednesday I repeat the 17 minute hell work out I did just now. Doing that flight of stairs with a huge bag of laundry before hand might not be a good idea for next time. Good thing laundry day isn't until Thursday when I am just doing a walk.

I'm sure this will be one of those things that I didn't think I could do but will look back on in 12 weeks and think of how far I've come.  I'm gonna need some major encouragment as the weeks go on I'm afraid.  I can see me biting my hubby's head off on run nights in the future lol.  Poor guy... but he's in it to the end with me so here we go!  Wish me luck tonight that my heart doesn't 'splode and for this week as I work my way up to running! Hopefully I'll run like this by week 12!

*walking away short breathed with my arms above my head* I swear... I have no idea how my hubby does this for 50 minutes straight every morning at PT...

{Edit:  I had DH read this and look over the Walk to Run agenda, exclaiming how I have no idea how I'll run 20 minutes by week 9!  Then he calmly reminded me that it is over 2 months away.  In two months I'll be running for 20 minutes and not die.  I love this man!}

{Edit Number 2:  It has been about 15 minutes and I actually feel great!  I still feel a bit tired but my heart kinda feels stronger somehow.  I guess it's the increased blood flow.  *sigh*  I really can do this!  It only hurts for a couple minutes.}
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