Saturday, January 8, 2011

And a Naughty Way of Getting There

So, you wanna know the naughty plan I was talking about in this post to get healthy again so we can have another baby?  Here it is:

My Weekly Workout Schedule:
Sunday - Rest and Relax
Monday - Short 1 Mile Walk
Tuesday - Lower Body Weight Training
Wednesday - Short 1 Mile Walk
Thursday - Upper Body Weight Training
Friday - Long 3 Mile Walk
Saturday - Swimming for at least 30 Minutes

You might be asking, "Um, Jeannette, what is so naughty about that?  Seems pretty straight forward to me..."  Well, it's naughty because I'll be doing all these workouts at the gym (still not naughty?), after 5 pm (not getting it yet?), on post... (making more sense?) while watching sexy soldiers sweating during their workouts!  Naughty huh?  Oh yeah *drool*.   It's like my own little bit of porn while working out.  Sorta like the book Porn for Women that shows topless men vacuuming the living room.

(Oh yeah, a gym full of these... yes, that's DH)

I think it's pretty good incentive to work out harder, slim down, and wiggle those hips a bit.  DH thinks I'm silly, but he says it's actually a good idea given how it would motivate me to stand straight and keep good posture while working out.  We'll be swimming together on Saturdays so we can work with LB in the water and I can watch my sexy hubby do the butterfly stroke!  All the other nights I will be going to the gym after dinner so DH can watch LB for me.

 (Not the best photo, but you get the point lol)
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