Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hormonal Surge

There is a phenomenon that happens every time my body surges with estrogen.  I get hormonal!  Every decent looking man who walks by causes me to swoon and imagine him undressing me right there in the store or on the street (even in -20 weather), kissing me and looking at me with fire in his eyes.  It's just a fantasy that makes me want to run home to my hubby ASAP... but it happens none the less.  I also suddenly need to cook sweets, eat chocolate and scrub every square inch of the house!

Last night I went to the store and giggled at a few soldiers who happened to look my way.  I was probably standing in front of the item they wanted... but I let myself imagine it was my sexy curves!  I also bought some chocolate brownies and chocolate cake mixes.  As soon as I got home I showed DH the brand new condoms I had bought (since I can't go on BC until my HCG numbers go back down) and told him about the soldiers who may or may not have been cute.  (Seriously... I have the funniest taste in men during these hormonal surges...)  He laughed at me and politely declined my hint.  I pouted then pulled out the chocolate mixes.  I said it wasn't the same, but it's a good enough alternative.  Then I spent the next four hours cleaning the house.  I kinda overdid it because I began cramping and bleeding again... oops.
Then this morning I realized something else... I was still cramping but it was different.  I have discovered the evil, maniacal, horrendous reason for my weight gain.  Today, five days after I miscarried, I am beginning my first period.  Come to think of it, the same thing happened after LB was born.  One week after I had him by c-section, my period came full force.  It must have to do with the dropping hormones.  Normally it would have been next Thursday so it's only one week off from it's regular schedule.  I just can't get a break!  Arg.... you are all right though.  I just need to keep truckin' along, taking it day by day, and if I fall off the "wagon" I'll just run to catch up and jump back on.
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