Thursday, January 20, 2011

Changing My Strategy

Tonight I decided I need a change in my weight loss strategy.  I did make it to the gym and came home to find all your wonderful comments.  Thanks so much y'all!  BTW, I am totally going to create an award for you guys who comment so often... you never fail to bring me out of my funk.  That's coming later, for now I need to rethink this whole losing weight thing.

Like I said in this post, I really have no idea why I want to lose weight.  I've been working on a list, brainstorming with the hubby, and will reveal it sometime next week so be watching for that.  Once I have figured out Why I want to lose weight, I ought to figure out How I plan on doing it.  Since going off the Depo I really haven't had to work to lose weight.  Because I put the weight on so quickly and it was being artificially kept on (the drug makes your body believe you are pregnant), my resting heart rate was already in the fat burning zone.  If I did anything around the house I lost weight.  That's when I got lazy.  I've been off it long enough though that that is no longer the case.  I now have to work at losing weight.  I can totally see you rolling your eyes at me right now.  Yeah, yeah, welcome to normal weight loss... But that is exactly why I've realized it is time to kick my butt into gear.

My new strategy:

  • Watch my calorie intake and record it daily (I know I've said this before and I really will work on doing it every day)
  • Strive to eat between 1400 and 1200 calories a day to lose roughly 3lbs per week (Tracking with
  • Exercise weekly (I have discovered that nightly trips to the gym just isn't working; but tonight I walked a mile and did both my upper and lower body work outs in 1 hour; that, 3 times a week, would be great.)
  • Track my workouts so I can see what I am doing, how much I am burning (I bought a HR and Calorie monitor), and be held responsible by you and my hubby
It's not a drastic change, but a change nonetheless that needed to be made.  It's a good idea to re-evaluate your goals and strategies from time to time and adjust them to work for you.  So that is exactly what I am going to do until I find something challenging that works for me and my family.

P.S.  I just noticed that I have nearly 200 followers.  When the hell did that happen?  And *psst* there are men following my blog... I hope they don't mind all the BC talk.  Maybe it's time for some new bra and panties progress photos.  Lol.  Really though, I am so honored that you all think I am worthy of your time.  As a new mom, I know just how precious time online can be.  Y'all rock!  Now how come I don't have people joining me on Motivation Monday?  Hmmm...  Come on lurkers, just link up any post you would like motivating comments on!  It's that easy.  No need to write a special post for the meme.
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