Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello Metabolism

On Monday I went to the gym and walked for 1 mile.  It took me exactly 20 minutes.  My ankle popped with every step, my fingers and hands swelled, and my right calf was killing me, but I completed the mile as quickly as was comfortable.  I felt alright... not energized, not tired or sore, just alright.  The next day was the same.  The scale didn't really have a difference to it.  I lost less than a pound which means nothing since you can be up to 5 pounds off depending on when you weigh yourself throughout the day.  I just figured it would ROCK to see I was down 3lbs with only one walk.  I still wasn't sore, still not energized, and I didn't really sleep any better that night... but something strange happened about 2 hours after my bowl of cereal breakfast.

I was driving past the house deciding whether I wanted to stop by and use the restroom or continue on to DH's work and wait a while before he came out for lunch.  I was just about to come to the light for our street and my stomach yelled "PAIN!!!"  I turned toward our house quick, fast and in a hurry.  For the first time since I can honestly remember (while not pregnant) I had hunger pains!  I looked right down at that belly knotting up and said out loud, "Hello Metabolism.... where the hell have you been?!"  It was a very strange feeling indeed.  It happened again close to dinner and again this morning.  See, normally I am NEVER hungry.  I could go an entire day with one meal.  DH had to remind me to eat something.  That is probably why I didn't lose weight well by the way...  Well, my metabolism is back up and I am hungry hungry hungry... time to start eating lean meats, fruits, and veggies!

Yesterday I went to the other gym on post, less hot soldiers, but also less eyes watching me not know how to use the weight machines... It took me a while to find the machine I wanted since it was in a completely opposite room from all the other weight machines, so I just did a couple that I recognized and some over the head arm claps with 5lb free weights.  When I finally found the hip abductor, (my favorite machine ever!) I also found several other machines conveniently lined up in a row that compliment it. Something that was also nice is that the hip abductor was faced toward a wall without a mirror on it.  If you aren't familiar with this machine... you sit in it and open and close your legs as wide as you can.  Ever gym I've ever been to had them against a wall with a mirror on it so any joe schmo could watch you opening your legs real wide.  This was a nice change.  I spent about a minute on each machine doing at least 20 reps (lifting the weights 20 times) and some up to 50 reps.  Since I don't know the names of the machines, I'll just tell you what they do:
  • Inner and outer thigh
  • Butt and lower back
  • Abs (I used the butt one because the ab one was NOT made for women... my boobs were in the way)
  • Front and back thighs
  • Calves
My plan is to do the same for my upper body workout, start on one machine, do 20 reps and then move to the next one down working these areas:
  • Shoulders
  • Upper arm front and back
  • Lower arm front and back
  • Pectorals (chest)
  • Upper and lower back (butt machine lol)
  • Abs on the butt machine again (and I have an ab lounge at home)
What work outs are you planning for this week?  Tonight we have a mandatory meeting to attend that will take up most of our night.  I likely won't be able to get to the gym, but my schedule calls for a 1 mile walk today so I plan on using my elliptical for 20 minutes instead.  Normally I can only do 10 minutes, so I'll take a break if I need to and use my ab lounge before doing another 10 minutes of cardio.
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