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Motivation Monday, January 29

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Motivation Monday

Welcome to Motivation Monday! I will be chronicling my journey back to a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Each week I will discuss how the previous week was and set some goals for the next week. I will also be listing my progress. If you would like to see past progress you can click on the Motivation Monday photo above for other Motivation Monday posts.

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Healthy Steps
My Week's Workouts:
  • Short 1 Mile Walk (Moderate)
  • Lower Body Weight Training (Moderate)
  • Upper Body Weight Training (Hard)
  • Shoveling Snow from the Driveway and Walks (Moderate)
  • Wii Fit hula hooping and step (Light)
Changes I've Seen This Week

My numbers went back down to where I was two weeks ago.  That's a step in the right direction.  Earlier this week I had lost over 4lbs.  I gained 2lbs back, but a 2lb loss during one week is pretty good.  Today I am going to plan out a new daily schedule for myself to help me stay organized.  I'll incorporate time with DH and LB, work outs, sitting down to eat, household chores, time for my Bible study, and down time to relax.  I'll continue to track my daily exercise and calorie counting as well.  It's been a struggle these last couple of days to keep up with it, but I think it is making a difference.

My Numbers {From Last Saturday's Weigh In}
{Green is Improvement, Red is Bad, Mmkay?, Blue is Stayed the Same}

Weight -226
BMI % -54.4
Water % -34.2
Muscle Mass % -33

How did you do this week?
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