Friday, January 14, 2011

Feeling A Little Discouraged

My numbers are holding steady after a week of working out.  I thought maybe I would gain or not lose weight but that my measurements would be down so I had DH measure me.  They are all up except my hip.  I know I just have to keep trucking on, but I'm not sure what I did wrong this week.  Do I need to work out more than I did?  I didn't really eat more food/sweets than I normally do in a week.  I just don't know.  I am hoping come tomorrow's official weigh in that I will have lost some more or maybe my muscle mass will be up with my body fat down.  Wish me luck!
 {My tape is even pink like hers... maybe I can take a picture of me just like this one some day soon.}

UPDATE:  My official weigh in showed a loss of  exactly 1 pound and 0.4% body fat.  Also it turns out my hip measurement is down 2.75 inches from my last official taping on January 8th.  That measurement goes around my hips across the "mommy pooch" and the widest part of my butt so it's nice to see that one being down.  All my other measurements either went up marginally or stayed the same.  I am going to watch my food intake more this week and see if I can surpass this week.  So far this year (three weigh ins) I have been in the green.  My goal is to keep it that way (baring any unseen emergencies of course, like my surgeries last year).  Thanks for the encouragement everyone.  It's hard to keep up a new workout schedule when you don't see results right off the bat... even when I know full well that is likely to happen.
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