Monday, November 1, 2010

A Very Difficult Decision

I have made a very difficult decision.  I will be going back on my birth control.  It was a choice between gaining weight and being depressed or possibly getting pregnant.  The problem is that if I get pregnant, DH won't be here for the baby's birth and his/her first year of life.  He is deploying next year.  Normally that is just the draw back of his job, but because of how bad my postpartum depression was, I think it would be safer for me to wait until he gets home to become pregnant again (If I'm not already that is).  Who knows, we might end up with an R&R baby, but at least he would be here to help me through my depression when s/he is born.  I figure once he leaves I can go off the birth control again and my depression will clear.  I should also be able to continue losing weight while he is away and possibly hit my goal weight by the time he comes home.

I was looking at my weight chart and I didn't have that big of a problem losing weight on the birth control.  I can see where I plateaued and gained a little, but it could also be attributed to my gallbladder attacks and subsequent surgery.  I guess we'll have to see. 

I will still be doing my Motivation Mondays, Motivation in Motion and Hot 100 posts, and competing in the weight loss competiton with my family and The Biggest Loser contest hosted by Lauren.  By the way, if you would like to participate in her competition you still have until Friday to throw your name in the hat.  It is only a $10 buy in and the winner gets the pot!  At the moment I think we are up to an $80 pot.
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