Monday, November 15, 2010

{Rant} Flying with a Baby

We are traveling 13 hours on a plane in a couple months and I just got off the phone with the airline we are using.  My parents bought our tickets and our son is having to ride in our laps.  I was concerned that our car seat might get damaged if there wasn't an empty seat and it had to be stowed below.  First off, they do not cover damage to car seats and strollers because they can be checked for free.  If you put them in a box and check them at the counter, they are.

Secondly, and this is what made me go wtf?!... even though their policy says that if there is an open seat the car seat can be used at no extra cost apparently "the stewardesses don't like car seats on the plane anyways".  Um I am sorry but their job is to make flying more comfortable.  I don't give a flying hoot if they like them or not.  You know what the lady said to me next?  "You can just use a seat belt and it's fine."  My son is 1 year old... do you really think he can sit up correctly and have a normal airplane seat belt strapped across his lap and not come flying out of it (or even crawl out of it)?!

That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard!  Oh and then I asked (because my aunt upgraded us to first class) if their policy applied to first class.  She said that the car seat wouldn't fit in a first class seat and that it wouldn't work even if there were more than one first class seat open (which at this time there are plenty).  Really?!  A car seat will fit in the teeny tiny coach seats but NOT the spacious (hehem, normal sized) first class seats?!  Right... then I must be mistaken that it fits in the back seat of my car straddling two normal adult seats...

I have a feeling this is not going to be a pleasant trip.  I read on some forums I subscribe to just two days ago about a mom traveling with two kids, on this same airline from my airport, being called a bitch for taking too long to hook the car seat into the plane seat.  Those seats are so tiny... no wonder it was hard.  That airline attendant should have been doing her job and HELPED.  Please tell me you have had some enjoyable times flying with a little one?  On a plus note... LB screaming is now the least of my worries.

{end Rant.}
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