Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At a Loss for Words

I just found something out that really pisses me off.  I have been trying so hard to stay relaxed and calm but this trip back to my parent's house is just driving me up a *beeping* wall!

First off, EVERY SINGLE TIME I talk to my mom she asked what LB is eating and why isn't he eating finger foods and table foods yet.  He is not even a year old.  He can't chew yet.  He has only been eating baby food for 4 months now because of allergies.  Any time we give him a soaked, soggy cheerio (because hard ones are worse on him) he gags and throws up.  He is not ready, period, the end.  He will be ready when he is ready.  Apparently that is not soon enough for her... she has a plan to have my brother take us out and leave LB at home so she can force feed him until he learns to chew.  I don't f'in think so!  I was already planning on not leaving the house without him, but now I am not leaving the ROOM without him.  He will be in his daddy's arms if I have to go potty!  (Which is every hour now btw lol... doing good on fluids at least.)

Secondly, I am not very happy about all the crap I am hearing in the news, online, and from friends flying out of this airport.  The full body scanners are not okay with me, especially now that I am pregnant.  They are new.  Until it has been shown 10-20 years from now that they have no effect on the growing fetus (especially at such a crucial time when Pumpkin will be developing all his/her organs) I will be opting out.  Which apparent now means I can be legally sexually molested.  They can now "pat down" your genitals.  DH says he's going to go into it with a hard on.  Bwahahaha!  I might lose it if someone tries to pat down LB.  I saw a video of a 3 year old being patted down while screaming.  Seriously?!  If they can molest me, I expect them to profile.  Both are supposed to be against the law.

Third, I just plain am not looking forward to flying with a baby.  He probably won't be happy.  Our flights are red-eye flights because my mom booked them for us (and paid or we wouldn't be subjecting ourselves to this).  And because she didn't buy LB a seat, his car seat will be checked.  If it gets one tiny crack in it we have to buy a whole new $160 car seat.  Plus we have to pay $120 for our baggage both ways and buy water after we go through security because 6 bottles is "excessive" to the TSA.  He will need that many on a 13 hour total flight with a 2 hour lay over buddy!  *sigh*

I am just so frustrated and pissed off.  This trip should be a happy time.  It's Christmas.  We should be excited to see family and for them to see LB.  I should be able to trust our loved ones with our precious child.  Instead I will be frazzled and feel like I have to shield my son from his grandparents.... oh yeah, DH's mom smokes while holding babies.  So not cool!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  If it weren't for seeing DH's grandparents, for possibly the last time, we wouldn't be going.  We just don't think they will be living for too much longer.  His granddad barely pulled through a couple months ago.
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