Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Motivation in Motion - LB's Birthday Anniversary Party

Yes, I said Birthday Anniversary... You only have one birthday; all the rest are just anniversaries.  We celebrated LB's one and only birthday a couple days after he was born.

It is coming up on his first anniversary and I am having trouble deciding what to do about it.  You can read all about my problem here, on my family blog.

I am making this a Motivation in Motion post because I think I really need to use this party as a motivation to finish (or keep) working on the house.  It looks HORRIBLE all of a sudden.  That one week of LB and I being sick and the house is worse than when I started.  It's depressing and draining my motivation every time I see another pile of crap... which btw is EVERYWHERE!  I am almost done with the house.  That is, if I really dedicated myself to decluttering and decorating, I would be done in a week... as it is I will be lucky to have it done by next Christmas.

I'll keep you updated on my progress, no matter how great or small.  Thanks, as always, for your loving and generous support.  Y'all are amazing readers.  Heck, if I get this done... I bet DH wouldn't mind hosting a Visa gift card giveaway in your honor.  He's already getting his thank you in the form of a massage chair.  We're hoping to bring it home before Christmas.
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