Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who'll Be the Biggest Loser?

Lauren, from A Survival Guide to Healthy Living and Juice Plus+ Consultant is hosting a Biggest Loser competition among some of her blogger friends and I'm entered!  The contest began yesterday with a starting weight of 222.6lbs.

Starting next week, I will be doing my weigh ins on Friday mornings so I can report the most accurate numbers to Lauren.  I will still be waiting to post them until my Motivation Monday meme, but you might notice my weight loss ticker and progress charts changing on Fridays from now on.  I don't want to confuse anyone. :0P

My good friend, Dawn from All About Dawn, is competing too!  Please head over to her blog to give her some words of encouragement along the way.  I know she would be overjoyed to have your comments grace her blog posts.  We all love comments!

So, who will be the biggest loser and win?  I don't know... but stay tuned to Motivation Monday to find out how I'm coming along!
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