Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where I Stand Today

A good friend of mine, Dawn, suggested a little friendly compeititon to lose weight that she is entered in.  And I have decided it just might be what I need so I have asked her to enter my name for consideration.  I'll keep y'all up to date on that as I hear back about it.  Right now I wanted to touch base with you and tell you where I stand right now.  Several things have changed and/or are changing soon:

{Summary at the bottom of the post since I kinda rambled a bit lol}
Fortunately... we were broke for about 2 days (payday is tomorrow) because DH gifted me with my first trip to the circus a couple weeks back.  I say fortunately because we also happened to run out of EVERYTHING this week... and I mean everything.  We even need more kitchen trash bags and puppy pads lol.  The thing is, we now have an almost empty kitchen.  I can start fresh. 
When I go shopping I plan on getting some lean meat, canned veggies, fresh veggies (although those tend to go bad on me because I don't eat as much food in a day as I should), and some more fish and chicken.  I will not be buying cheese.

I decided that if we are going to eat bread, it will be bread I have baked.  This will either force me to make bread at home (which is healthier) or we will eat less bread... either is fine by me.  Also today, DH told me not to bake any more because he's just gotten rid of the love handles I managed to pack on him.  We both eat too many sweets because I bake brownies or muffins.  I'll only be making healthy treats from now on, like flax seed blueberry muffins with applesauce instead of oil/butter/egg for example.  The good thing about cooking dinner is when I cook it's mostly chicken or fish with spices, no extras, no oil.  We don't need fancy dinners and DH won't eat veggies so I just pop open a can and heat them for myself.  So that's right on for losing weight at least.  I just need to make sure I eat enough calories to maintain my energy levels.

I figure I'll just cook four servings of fish/chicken/meat and eat one for dinner with half a can of veggies and then another for lunch the next day with the rest of my veggies.  I'll only have to cook once a day and can spend more time cleaning and taking care of LB and our pet menagerie, or, you know... blogging when I ought to be doing school work.  Hehem...

As far as exercise goes, I have discovered something odd and will be beginning a couple new things.  First, my core temperature is very rarely as high as 98.0.  It normally ranges between 96.6 and 97.3 degrees.  Why is that important you say?  Well, it could mean that I have a very low metabolism.  It could be why I am so lethargic and why I gain weight so easily.  I am not sure what to do about it, but I will be mentioning it to my Dr next time I go.  I don't believe it is dangerous, so much as a hurdle to overcome.  I imagine once my metabolism rising, so will my internal temperature.

The two things I intend to try are working out on Mondays and Thursdays on post while I have the car for the day and switching my laundry days (which right now are on those same two days that I happen to be away from home) so that I am not exhausted at the end of the day.  Laundry needs to be done, working out can change... but those are the only two days I can be on post so... laundry needs to be moved so I can do both.  I am hoping my neighbor won't mind and will gladly switch with me.  Mondays are play group days for LB and Thursdays are Bible study days.  I can get out of those house, go to LB's play group or my Bible study then go work out for several hours until DH is done with work.  I get my emotional and physical tanks re-filled.  Sweet deal huh?

So here are my plans in case you didn't have time to read all that:
  • Fill my kitchen with healthy, non-fatty/starchy food only
  • Cook extra at dinner so I have a quick, no grabbing junk food lunch for the next day
  • Bake only healthy snacks and not sweets
  • Only eat bread I have baked (hamburger and hot dog buns are exceptions but we rarely eat those anyways)
  • Try to switch laundry days with my neighbor
  • Work out on Mondays and Thursdays while I am on post
  • Recharge my emotional and physical batteries every week and not stay home because I'm too tired
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