Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Motivation in Motion - Body on the Move

The last week I went for a walk.... a 1.4 mile walk!  Last time I took this walk down to the end of our main street and back I was carrying LB in an infant backpack and barely made it half way before thinking of turning back.  I toughed it out though, made it all the way to the stop sign (.7 mile) and turned back toward home.  It was hard and downright painful.  My whole body ached and my arms were numb from the 20lb baby in his backpack.

This time I asked DH to leave the stroller behind for LB and I to use.  I put LB in a warm outfit, covered him in a blanket, and headed out.  It was pretty windy, but the chilly breeze felt nice.  Next time I'll be putting LB in his snow suit and putting a throw blanket over the stroller so he is covered from the wind.  And I'll be wearing ear muffs because my poor little ears were burning by the time I got home.  {I think I have an ear infection actually...They've been hurting for a few weeks now.}

I learned a few things about my latest walk with the stroller:

  • Pushing the baby in the stroller instead of carrying him on my back caused a lot less pain to my still weak back and shoulders from all those years before my breast reduction.
  • More than that, pushing the stroller actually helped me keep a good pace.  I found I could lean into the stroller, and my stride, to push myself forward.  While walking, apposed to running, you have to stand fairly erect or you'll face plant onto the concrete... which is not cool.  This way allowed me to lean into my stride without the fear of falling head over heels.
  • I need to find my good walking shoes!  I couldn't find my normal Nikes so I just put on my Keds.  For those who don't know, Keds are what I call Mommy Shoes.  They look like tennis shoes but are flat, with zero support.  My feet and calves were killing me {and still are a bit}.
Okay, you wanna hear the BEST part of this walk now?! Well, actually, there are two best parts!
  1. DH drove past us on our way home and he was soooo proud of me for getting out there and walking with LB!  I felt like walking the long walk past our house to the other end of our street and back, but my feet and calves were hurting from my shoes so I called it a day.
  2. Google maps estimated the average walk time for that walk to be 25 minutes.  I figured... okay, I'll take that and make it my goal.  After a couple walks I'm sure I'll be close to 25mins.  Guess what!?  Even with my crappy shoes that slowed me down.... I hit EXACTLY 25 minutes!  If I had my walking shoes I would have beat that time easily!  Woot!!!
Here's to next time!  Goal: 1.4 miles in 23 minutes.  Wish me luck!
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