Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time to Celebrate!

I figured I ought to follow my own advice.  I posted the advice of several weight loss successes and one of the suggestions was to celebrate every victory.  I have been focusing so much on the weight I've gained back after my gallbladder surgery that I completely ignored how far I've come.  In fact, I have 9 celebrations I should have partied through so far!  Sooo without further ado... some well earned back patting!

Yay for me!  
And Yay for my supportive husband!  
And Yay for my supportive bloggy friends!

Let's Celebrate!!!
{Gifts can be left in the form of comments.  I LOVE comments! teehee}

But wait... there's MORE.... read on!

45 Pounds Lost!  And I hope to never see them again!

Have you had any celebrations we've passed up?  I'd love to come party with you and leave a comment gift!
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