Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Motivation in Motion - My Etsy Shop

I DID IT!!! I listed something in my shop!  I am so excited!!!  There is a widget toward the bottom of my blog for you to check out all my items.  There is only one right now.  I have about 4 more things to post but it's good to do them one a day at first so my name is at the top of the search function on etsy.  I'd love if you would heart my shop and tell your friends about it.  I need some friends on etsy lol.

In my shop now...

Coming soon...
Vintage hat, Vintage 1950's military letters to a loved one,  Pink shabby chic pumpkin fall decor!

I also listed a couple things on Craigslist that I have been needing to list but for some reason hadn't.  I am feeling quite motivated right now.  I think I might tackle my closet tonight!  Time to sort all my unpacked clothes into keep and donate piles!  Wish me luck.
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