Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feeling Comfortable Naked

As you all have read by now, it is Eat Chocolate Naked week over at Kimberly's Blog, The Art of Eating Chocolate Naked.  She is talking about loving our bodies just the way it is this week.

My body may not be the most healthy it can be right now; I may have 60lbs left to loose; but I can still love the body I am in, today.  I can get out of bed, walk to the nursery {at 3 in the morning}, lift my son and cuddle him back to sleep, then groggily walk back to bed and fall asleep.  I can snuggle up to my husband and be completely responsive if he wants to show me outwardly how much he loves me.  I can jump around the yard and chase after our very energetic puppy in the freezing snow.  I can curl up on the couch and play mind games or read a book.  I can pop some cookies in the oven and smell the sweet aroma filling the house.  These are all blessings I can count each and every day I am alive.  And as I get more and more healthy, I can add to the list of amazing things my body can do for me.  What can your body do for you that you just love to do?

Yesterday Kimberly challenged us to spend 10 minutes, just 10 minutes, completely naked.  She said we could do anything we wanted... I know it takes me at least 10 minutes to do the dishes.  Did you take the challenge?  If not, I am imploring you to do it today.

I do want to share something personal with you all about me being naked.  I am NOT comfortable with it.  Not really because I don't like how I look, although that plays a part in it.  No, I don't like it because I was raised to always be dressed properly.  My hubby on the other hand strips down to nothing and slaps on his robe {sometimes} when he gets home.  The uniform isn't too comfy and he's very comfortable in his birthday suit.  Before I met my husband, I couldn't even sleep naked.  I had gotten so used to having to wear a bra at all times, and having grown up in such a strict house, that after my breast reduction surgery I just continued wearing shirts to bed. Because I was raised in a home without any hugging or kissing, I just about lost it when DH was holding the baby without any undies on for the first time.  I knew bare skin to skin was a good thing for baby, but somehow I had rationalized that you should only bare enough skin for the baby to lay on.  Silly right?  I am proud to say I have gotten over that hang up and now feel that my naked body is a beautiful thing.  Of course, I can't be going around naked once our son gets older... so I'd better do it now!

So, do you have 10 minutes today to be naked?  I'm sure you can find them.  If you haven't already, you should sign up for Kimberly's e-mails.  She sends you her awesome Body Affirmation package.  Doing these affirmations everyday will help you be more comfortable in your skin.  They have done wonders for my confidence.  What are you waiting for?
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