Thursday, March 31, 2011

Walkin' A Mile In My Shoes

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "Walking a mile in someone else's shoes".  It means to try and understand someone before passing judgement.  It's the suggestion that you imagine walking in someone else's shoes, follow throughout their day, see what they go through every day, their struggles and triumphs.

As you read in this post, together with my hubby, son and puppy, I am going on 1 mile walks every night weather and health permitting.  Last night we got half a mile in.  We are in our thaw/freeze cycle here in Alaska so half of our street is flooded which in turn cut off half of our route.  It's almost too deep to drive our SUV though actually.  The stroller wouldn't have had a chance.  We're hoping it will be cleared out by tonight.

I bet you're wondering where I'm going with all this... Well, I've been looking for ways to change.  Obviously what I've been doing is okay, but the results aren't where they ought to be so something needs to change.  My eating habits are alright, they only need a few changes here and there, but my exercise is almost non-existent.  I expend a lot of energy throughout the day caring for LB and it leaves me tired and sore as though I'd worked out all day long, but in reality it's inefficient movement.  Even though it's hard work, carrying him up and down stairs all day doesn't sustain a quickened heart rate for at least 10 minutes nor does it strengthen or tone my muscles.  DH and I took LB and the puppy for a walk around the neighborhood last week and it was quite enjoyable.  It didn't take a lot of energy after my busy day because it was a steady workout but it kept my heart rate in my fat burn zone for about 20 minutes which is great.  I decided that would be a great exercise I could commit to every day.

Then last night while reading my nightly chapter of Made to Crave, I got to thinking about verse 3 in Deuteronomy chapter 2 that says "You have made your way around this hill country long enough; now turn north."  I have circled around the same excuses, the same fad diets, the same eating disorder for years.  It is time for me to turn north and make a change!  It just so happens that when we leave our house and set out on our walk each night we are walking North.  How perfect is that?  So every night, with God's help, I will be turning north and walking a mile in my shoes.

Why a "Mile in my shoes?"  Well, as I set out to cover 100 miles (see the ticker on my sidebar) and then 100 more and 100 more I plan on walking a mile in my own shoes.  When was the last time I really thought about my own struggles with weight and eating disorders.  When did I take in consideration my pain and suffering emotionally that lead to over eating?  When did I "walk a mile in my shoes" and give myself loving healing instead of yelling at myself to stop being so weak?  Um... never.  I have never really sat down and hashed out the reasons I kept circling my mountain of obesity and defeat.  I intend to use this time to strengthen and heal my body while walking, and my mind, soul, and heart by sorting out these deep seeded problems once and for all.  You'll find my experiences and {I'm sure} epiphanies by following along with my "Walkin' A Mile" posts.  I can't wait to give this experiment a try and see what comes of it.  I imagine some healing is in my near future.  How about you?  Want to walk a mile in your shoes with me?
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