Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Goals

I met with the local nutritionist today and she and I set some new goals.  She said the foods I've been eating look fine.  I need to continue watching my portion control and try to add more vegetables to help keep me full.  The longer days are going to add an extra morning snack to my daily meals since I'm waking about 3 hours earlier than I was in the winter.  She said nuts are a good thing to try and I actually found some that are not made along with peanuts so those should be safe.  We both agreed I need to continue to limit my cheese intake but she also said I shouldn't have to worry about all the carbs and sugars in a bowl of fruit since my blood sugar is not an issue.  She also gave me an info sheet for LB.  He's been losing weight since he started feeding himself so we are trying to add healthy fats to his diet.

I nearly cried reading the handout she gave me.  They suggest I feed him all the foods I want but can't have.  His milk needs to be whole and fortified with cream.  He ought to have his meats fried or sautéd in heavy butter.  He should be eating French toast dipped in a milk, half & half, and egg mixture and then pan fried in butter.  They suggested adding cheese to everything.  Pretty much, everything we as adults, especially those who are trying to get healthier, want but can't have, I should feed to my son.  It is going to be VERY hard for me to make him these foods I love and not eat them myself.  I am an emotional eater and denying myself food has been a very touchy thing this last couple of weeks.  Several times it's left me in tears.  I am struggling to change my thinking from that of denial to making a choice.  It's so easy to think "I can't eat this French toast because I'm too fat."  But that isn't healthy at all!  I need to retrain myself to say "I can eat this French toast but I am choosing not to so I can get healthier without having to walk 5 extra miles today."

That's the second thing we decided on by the way... my daily exercise.  She asked me what I think I could commit to and how often.  I choose walking one mile 7 days a week.  DH and I have been taking LB and the dog for evening walks now that it is getting warmer and I decided I should make it official.  I drove our walking route in our neighborhood and it is only two laps around each cul-de-sac to equal 1 mile.  I talked it over with DH and we are committed to doing that every day of the week unless one of us is too sick to be out.  Once it gets warmer I plan on walking 1 mile to a different neighborhood, letting LB play on the playground there, and then walking the 1 mile back to the house.

What changes have you been up to lately?
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