Sunday, March 6, 2011

OMG I'm Sore!

So Saturday was my weigh in day and it was the first one of March so it REALLY counted!  I so badly needed to see that I'd made progress this month which meant I had to weigh less than 226lbs.  On Thursday I weighed 229 and I was devastated.  On Friday I weighed 228 and I felt a little hopeful.  Come Saturday morning I weighed 226.6lbs.  That was NOT going to do so I walked my butt downstairs, turned on my Wii fit and did almost 20 minutes of advanced step and hula hooping.  I went up stairs, took a shower, shaved (because hair has weight you know! lol) and stepped on for my official weigh in.  I was under 226! Woot!

I was feeling pretty good about myself even though I was heavier than last Saturday.  DH came upstairs to check on me and I thought perhaps I could try to accomplish one of my Non-Scale Goals.  {I'll let you figure out which one...}  I am sad to report that I have not yet accomplished it... but let me tell you... 20 minutes holding a squat and lunge like position simultaneously is ROUGH!  My arms were shaking, my abs were burning, my wrists were killing me but I was determined.  Eventually I couldn't hold it any longer.  But OMG!  Today I am sore!!!  My poor shoulders and abs are weak and shutter at the littlest amount of work.  I think I ought to take it a little easy today and work on my legs or something... man.  Anyways... just thought I'd share.  *giggle*
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