Friday, March 11, 2011

27 Days of Loving Me - Day 7 and 8

I'm a little behind aren't I?  These last couple of days have been BAD as far as my depression goes.  A couple of days ago I found myself staring at a blank (and gray... thanks military housing) wall for who knows how long.  Thankfully DH and I talked some and somewhere (I'm guessing from God because I sure as hell didn't have any) I found the strength to do a load of laundry.  It made me feel productive so I

OMG, STOP, BREAK!!!! I TOTALLY JUST MISSED MY SON WALKING ON HIS OWN FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! STUPID CAMERA WON'T LOAD UP IN TIME.... ARG! At least I saw it in person... we'll have to recreate for the camera... okay... where was I? Oh yes...

went ahead and unpacked some boxes.  After I did that I felt even better.  Yesterday I did the dishes (which I HATE) and some more laundry since the boxes I unpacked were full of musty clothes from our storage unit.  So today (and yesterday) I am loving my ability to just keep going when all seems lost.  Each day I'll feel a little better.  Tomorrow I go in for a blood test to measure my hormone levels and vitamin D.  Both play a huge factor in my depression and libido so I am hoping we can get this fixed and fast!  The results won't be in for a couple weeks but I'll keep you posted on my health, physical and mental.
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