Thursday, March 17, 2011

Calling the Computer Hardware Savvy!!!

So all of a sudden last night my computer started rejecting anything that I plug into my USB ports (except my camera cord thankfully).  It pops up a bubble that says a USB was either not read or malfunctioned and then goes away before I can read the rest or click on it to figure out what is wrong.  The hubby did a search and everything turned up talking about the motherboard going out.  If I'm not mistaken... if the motherboard crashes I lose EVERYTHING right?

Don't worry.  I'll be backing up ALL of my pictures and documents today (in about 10 minutes in fact) but I don't wanna lose my beautiful pink computer!!!  Anyone know what to do?  Being in Alaska we don't have a Best Buy or anything to take it to.  There is only one shop in town who is VERY expensive and charges for diagnostic as well.  It's the price of their monopoly in this town.

Let's see... um also the battery seems a bit loose and the port where I plug in the charger chord.  Could that mean the motherboard itself is lose?  That's not good... any ideas would be great!  Thanks guys.
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