Friday, March 11, 2011

27 Days of Loving Me - Day 9 and 10

Okay... now I think I'm caught up!  Sheesh it's been a busy week this week.  I've had some rough news like learning that not only do we have to worry about DH's career if they can't do another surgery, but if the doctor okays him we could also be facing a deployment.  Essentially we have three options, all varying degrees of suck: 1) His wrist can not be healed and he is med-boarded out of the military (read job and house hunting) 2) His wrist can not be healed but he is cleared for duty and he deploys 3) He gets a second surgery and once he is healed (about 2 months) he'll deploy.

We also had some good news though, like LB walking, going out on a date without LB for the first time, and  receiving my first blog design commission!  The thing I love about myself this week is my ability to see that silver lining.  I know that nothing is too big for me to handle if God is taking care of me.  I cried a bit at my Bible study when they prayed for the soldiers who'll be deploying this year, but other than that I've actually been able to stay uplifted and calm through all this uncertainty.  I know my son is healthy, my husband is extremely intelligent and can get another job, and in the end it's all just another day in my life so what's to worry about?  I've decided to just enjoy today and let God worry about tomorrow.  He's better at it than I am anywho. lol

Let's see... one more thing I'm loving for Day 10...

This pose!  No matter my weight in this photos I have that sexy confident pose.  I need to strike it more often throughout my day.
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