Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Omg Y'all!

I DID IT!!!  I moved our queen sized wrought iron bed about 100 feet across the house, and our mattresses, including a foam mattress... that thing is HEAVY!

AND I FEEL GREAT!  I lost .2lbs in sweat alone... ewww I know, but YAY!  I can't wait to get on the scale in a couple days and see what imapct that had on me.  Changing the sheets on our bed breaks a sweat and I tore the thing down, carried all 3 peices of it to the other side of the house, carried the mattresses, and then made the damn thing!  Woot!  I also moved some bedside tables in there but they weren't really that heavy.  I must have moved almost 300lbs today.

DH is going to freak!  Okay, so he called today to say that he wanted me to sit on the couch, blog, watch "your movies" meaning chick flicks, and play with the baby all day.  He wants me to take it easy because he needs me to run an errand to the dry cleaner this evening.  Um... okay, take it easy and get out of the house leaving you with the baby?  That's going to be so taxing!  LOL

He's gonna come home and be like... where is the bed?  To which I'll respond... "Um, in the bedroom...duh!"  I just moved the bedroom across the house.. teehee!  As an added bonus to this big move... I now will spend lots of time in the one room that still needs to be worked on because I'll be sleeping in there.  Before it was all to easy not to even look at the room... but now I'll have to finish.  I am so proud of myself.  Thanks everyone for your loving comments.  You guys are the best!  Wanting to come over and help me... you know, if you can afford to fly to Alaska, you can come stay with me anytime!  May I suggest the spring though?  Unless of course you like it -40 and dark.  You are all welcome any time!
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