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Motivation Monday, September 20

Motivation Monday

Welcome to Motivation Monday!  I will be chronicling my journey back to a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  Each week I will discuss how the previous week was and set some goals for the next week.  I will also be listing my progress.  If you would like to see past progress you can look in my archives for other Motivation Monday posts.  If you would like to get motivated with me please link up your post using the link form below.  Your post can be in any format you want.  Whether you are trying to get healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or if you just have a task you need some motivation to complete...please link up so we can help support each other.  I would love to hear about your progress and help keep you motivated!

I am doing my Motivation Mondays a little differently now.  I will still be weighing in, but instead of tracking my progress by workouts done and pounds lost, I will be sharing some healthy steps I've taken during the week and some positive changes I have noticed.

Healthy Steps
Today I will begin working out EVERY DAY!  DH, LB and I took a stroll around a nature preserve before star gazing and it was exhilarating.  It was so nice to walk around, hear the birds, look at the foliage turning color, and especially talking with DH about time travel and the stars.  It was so much fun!  I plan to make that a weekly occurrence.  Daily, I'll be working out at home (at the gym on Thursdays while I'm on post).  I have also avoided the scale for the most part.  I was a bit depressed last night and stepped on after dinner (bad idea! lol).  It read 230lbs!  That is only 5lbs from where I started after LB was born.  I need to make a change!

Changes I've Seen
Hmm, changes...well I enjoyed that walk.  I haven't noticed about my clothes or anything this week.  I have noticed some changes in LB that are going to keep me active!  He is crawling now, AND pulling up!  He's also opening books and studying them.  This boy is about to mobile and he wants to investigate the world around him!  I'll have my hands full very soon.  He's already cruising fairly quickly.

My Numbers {From Last Saturday's Weigh In}
{Green is Improvement, Red is Bad, Mmkay?, Blue is Stayed the Same}
Weight - 225.3
BMI % - 54.5
Water % - 34.2
Muscle Mass % - 33.3

How did you do this week?
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