Friday, September 17, 2010

Does This House Make My Butt Look Big?

Do you have a cluttered home?  Are there newspapers and papers piled up on your kitchen table?  Are there mounds of clothes filling the closets?  Do you have to sort through your cupboards to find what you need to make a meal?

The link between clutter and weight gain is fairly easy to understand and very straight forward:

Clutter causes stress in our lives.  Stress increases a hormone in our bodies called cortisol.  Cortisol increases belly fat.  It also increases your blood sugar levels which in turn increases your insulin level, leaving you hungry.  If you are stressing, you are more likely to grab an easy, no fix meal.  I am very much guilty of that one.  Add on being a new mom and still unpacking from our move and I need something quick and easy to eat.  That is one reason I got the pre-sliced apples to munch on.  They are an easy go to snack when I don't have time to make something healthy to eat.
If it weren't for the lack of money to eat out, all of those questions would be true of this house.  I still don't have my pots and pans neatly arranged and have to sort through them to find the right one each night... which makes me want to just make sandwiches for dinner.  I have papers all over the house, mostly junk mail and Netflix envelopes that haven't made it to the trash yet.  Speaking of trash, we have boxes of paper trash from our move that has yet to be taken to the dumpster.  The trash pick up is Thursday, so each Thursday I ought to be able to take all the trash I accumulated during that week of unpacking and get it out of the house... but I get lazy and don't do it.  If my house weren't cluttered, I would notice those boxes more readily and get them out of here.  But, as it is, they kinda blend in.

It has also been suggested by several psychologists that the link between obesity and a cluttered home and office can be extended to other aspects of our life.  People who have more extra weight tend to have more things (clutter) and spend more money (debt).  Personally, I think it's just people trying to fill that hole in their lives.  They use things and food to fill that hole and in turn gain weight, clutter, and debt.  Going back to my post on losing weight with prayer, I am going to try again to fill that hole in my life with my faith and not with the material things that make me unhealthy. I'll continue to rid our house of the excess clutter by throwing away things I don't really need anymore, filing away important papers and things I plan to scrapbook then shred the rest, and try on all my clothes and ask DH which I should keep and which need to be donated for another lady to find and love.  The goal is to find whatever healthy thing in your life that keeps you from putting on the stress and weight, and concentrate on filling your days with that.
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