Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting Discouraged

I know what to do to lose weight... it's simple... burn more calories than you eat.  I'm just not doing it.

I have moved our bedroom across the house and turned off the baby monitor.  I was paranoid the first night, but DH is right, there is very little chance of LB being affected by SIDS now that he is pulling up on his own and 24lbs.  He reassured me we could hear his movement monitor from our room if it went off and I reluctantly went to sleep.  I have caught up on a little bit of sleep since making those changes, but I'm still pretty tired during the day.  I wake up, eat breakfast, then struggle to stay awake the rest of the morning.  Sometimes I just give up on "me time" and take a quick nap while LB naps.

I was going to start working out at least 30 minutes a day on Monday, but it hasn't happened yet.  I move constantly, all day long... chasing LB and the puppy, putting LB in his crib and taking him back to the living room to play, doing laundry/dishes/cleaning the floors... but this is all inefficient activity.  It doesn't burn enough calories for the little bit of food I eat, and it doesn't keep my heart rate up for long enough to make a difference in my weight loss.

I am so busy doing inefficient activity, and too tired at the end of the day (and beginning for that matter), to do any efficient activity to lose weight.  My scale says I have gained another 2lbs this week.  I seem to be gaining at least 1lb a week now.  I did read an article today about a mom with a 10 month old who was still in maternity clothes.  I know it can take a year to lose the baby fat... It's just that I lost it all... then gained it all back.  Now what?  Try again?  It's a bit discouraging.
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