Monday, September 6, 2010

A New Beginning - Literally

Some of you may have noticed that my weight loss tracker changed a bit... It now shows a loss of 46lbs.  No, I did not lose 30lbs overnight... I have made a decision.

My highest weight was 270lbs after LB was born.  That is 270lbs of me, not me plus baby.  For the last 9 months I have rationalized that I shouldn't count 270 as my top weight.  I had been counting 235lbs because that is what I weighed after I lost all my water weight and some of the pregnancy weight gain.  I figured I didn't really do much but pee to lose that weight... so it wasn't fair to count it as a loss.

Well, to hell with that thought!  I worked HARD for 3 days in labor, pitocin induced labor y'all.  Then I worked hard to recover from a last minute c-section.  I was on my feet and walking the hallways the day after my c-section and cleaning that damned hospital room the very next day after that!  I worked my butt off taking care of a newborn alone since my husband had his own surgery one week later.  I changed every diaper for four months and carried the baby everywhere during that time until my husband's wrist healed enough to bear weight.  So, now that I am no longer depressed and I can see my true self worth... I earned those 46lbs damn it!

That is all.  Thanks for listening {and probably giving me a "you go girl" to your computer, if I know my friends}
{okay, that felt good!  Now, to lose the next 46!}
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